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Tuesday, Patreon and Tyre Shenanigans

There is something wrong with one of my practically-new tyres :P So I have to go to a tyre place to get it checked out at a later point in time.

If I have to run out and get a thing, that's when I'll go. Try to keep as much of my money as I can for as long as I'm able. That sort of thing.

I've done my stretchies, and I shall be scattering progress all over my Patreon in just a few minutes.

Beloved and Adorable are on a whole 'nother continent. Possibly asleep because one Pacific from here. I suspect my indulgences outside of Crimbo Week will be super low budget.

Good thing I have stores of stuff. Hoarding nonperishables is a sound strategy when you can get them in bulk. It's saved our butts on multiple occasions, and also saved our budgets.

Onwards to the offerings.

Challenge #03897-J245: Chasing Hearts

A: “You know Ryan? The one I usually race with? Apparently he’s the fastest one in our group and been letting me win all this time. I feel conflicted.”

B: “Ani, I’ll be completely straight with you with a guy perspective. There’s only two reason why he would do that. 1: He likes seeing your smile when you win. 2: He was starting at your ass the entire time.”

A: “Wait, he likes how I smile?!” -- Anon Guest

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Challenge #03421-I133: Sharing? Inconceivable!

Several CEO's, disgusted on how disastrous many of the Deregger worlds have become secretly get together to start changing their own empires, making a tidy profit while doing so. First stop? Dedicating a couple of worlds to preserve and protect endangered species, not for hunting, or as pets, but to help restore nature's beauty. -- Anon Guest

"But... why? It's a planet full of resources. We should be exploiting it. Especially the live ones." Saxon clearly wasn't getting the program.

Maverick tried

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