Challenge #03421-I133: Sharing? Inconceivable!

Several CEO's, disgusted on how disastrous many of the Deregger worlds have become secretly get together to start changing their own empires, making a tidy profit while doing so. First stop? Dedicating a couple of worlds to preserve and protect endangered species, not for hunting, or as pets, but to help restore nature's beauty. -- Anon Guest

"But... why? It's a planet full of resources. We should be exploiting it. Especially the live ones." Saxon clearly wasn't getting the program.

Maverick tried not to show any weaknesses. Rubbing at his migraine would only turn CEO's like Saxon away from the idea. "Ever wondered how the Alliance keeps winning all the damn time?"

"They're cheating, of course," said Cassius. "They have to be cheating. I'm cheating and those bastards are still winning!"

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