Challenge #03364-I076: Disparity of Experience

A person develops an immense crush on Wraithvine and starts following hir around trying to ask them out on a date. -- Anon Guest

Love, as the Bards frequently say, is strange. Many people take it for a game. Not Wraithvine. Bernhardine Mev really should have known that. She also should have known that when a Human falls for an Elf, it never ends well for the Elf. It never ends well for the Human, either, but it generally takes them all their life to realise that.

Elves are beautiful. They've worked on being so for centuries. Millennia. It's natural for Humans to at least have an aesthetic appreciation for any passing Elf. Following them around and professing their undying love is a stunt reserved for the truly bold.

Wraithvine tried to ignore her at first. It didn't work.

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