Friday, Unfuckening and GREAT news!

Excellent news: The soup machine is a HIT!

It also apparently makes ice cream, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Right now, it has already made Beloved two large servings of... intense chicken soup. One was dinner, the other was set aside "for Ron". Aka Later-Ron.

A dad joke from a less civilised age, there.

I found a couple of resealable containers with steam vents, and they hold the right amount of soup. Huzzah.

I may be going out (AGAIN!) to show her where I found them if she wants more than the two I already picked up. Soup is a serious business when you're on a liquid diet.

So too is getting one's hands on enough no-sugar gatorade/powerade/electrolyte drink. Everywhere was out.

I will take this challenge and fight it. Later. I have a house to unfuck before Monday, when the skip goes bye-bye.

I have the catio to clean as well as all my other nonsense and a smol to get on the bus. Vroom vroom.