Challenge #03000-H077: Scheherezade III

I can't help it, I gotta know, how DO people react at the royal event seeing the twins together? -- DaniAndShali

Viceroy Jubilation Araveth Falsworth Merrimine could always tell when the rest of the room spotted his brother, Apprehension. It was not quite a universal gasp, but there was a definite chorus of indrawn breaths. Usually from the gallery of those waiting to see who was whom as they arrived. Then the musicians would stutter to a halt as they saw him and all the conversations in the room would stumble to a halt.

The other Viceroy and Jubilation's twin brother, Apprehension Marveline Merrimine, was a Tiefling. Precisely, everyone's stock idea of a Tiefling. A cartoon Tiefling, if you will. He named himself Loyalty and, during their shared adventures, they had been through much. If the twin Viceroys had not been born holding hands, Loyalty may have had a very different fate. A shorter one, for example.

Jubilation preferred the longer fate, despite all the trouble they shared. He'd rather have a brother than not. Especially with their shared sensations. For instance, right now, he could feel the echo of Loyalty's trepidation as they waited to be announced. Loyalty leaned over and murmured, "You'd think I forgot to shine my hooves..."

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