Tuesday, Day 0, Locked Down

Brisbane, and perhaps the greater portion of Southeast Queensland, has been locked down for three days. I got this news in the afternoon of yesterday. Ten new cases this morning, four of them local. Seventy-three total active cases, sixty-three in hospital, and two in the ICU. That means eight people are stuck in a well-furnished box and bingeing Netflix or whatever.

I... am trying my hardest not to spiral into my previous lockdown mood, which was huddling in the bedroom and seeking comfort entertainment and having next to zero output. It's hard not to be stressed about this.

At least I caught up on Critical Role.

Miss Chaos is happy because the school holidays are starting early. She gets to slob around in her PJ's and generally entertain herself. I, however, am watching the world and trying not to have a fit.

MeMum is looking at a new laptop online whilst also saving her treasured files to the cloud. This is immense progress for a former luddite. Cheer, I tell you. CHEER! Admittedly, she still calls it "click and paste" but I'm taking my wins where I can get them.

Now let's look at the wins and losses of the world:

  • Criticism for Queensland's lockdowns. Again.
  • Plague location list keeps growing
  • WA and SA closed their borders to Queenslanders and I bet they feel a little bit vengeful about it
  • The Evergiven finally released back into the wild after a false start. Will this teach Capitalism the vital lesson of having backups and failure plans? All signs point to 'no'
  • Female MP comes out about some of the boys' club treatment
  • Some fuckwit snapchatted after murdering a woman
  • News anchor falls ill live on national television
  • George Floyd's murderers finally facing a trial
  • They don't sell "Tasty" cheese overseas! Shocker!
  • Trans woman outed by airport security, the struggle continues
  • Drums marked as containing acid wash up on NSW shoreline
  • ScoMo about to overhaul his cabinet. If he gets rid of all the sexists and racists, there may not be enough Liberal MP's left to fill it

Anyway... let's do some fiction. Instant story and the goal of 500 words in KOSTSS, as well as the Patreon stuff because that happens on Tuesdays. Yay.

...I nearly forgot it was Tuesday FML T_T