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Friday, Day 0, Sigh...

Every time I mention my feels about a negative review of my stuff, I attract more of them on the same theme. Guys. Dudes. My peeps. You missed the bit where the main protagonist is black. Why go off against the "queer agenda" when you could rant about all your heroes being replaced by a black teenaged girl in one obscure book hardly anyone's noticed? TLDR: You missed a bit, haters.

Anyway. The case count is up to eight thanks to another newcomer from overseas and captured in quarantine. Which makes me a bit nervy.

I have The Bikkie underway, but no bread PLN'd anytime soon. Gotta unfuck my house, write my 1K, and do the Instant. I will make what I think is good art and continue to do so until my clogs are popped. So there.

Finding the Antifa Hoedown in my online travels has helped my philosophy a little bit. Google it. Watch both parts. You're welcome.

In the news:

  • US Pollie in trouble for hanging a scientifically deaf anti-nonbinary sign outside the office of another pollie with a trans kid. Stay classy
  • China's now playing the racism card
  • Some idiot shot Lady Gaga's dog walker and stole her dogs
  • Prince Harry may be made to regret his decision
  • Ppl in NSW using their plague stimulus cheque to buy Maccas. It's either a pitiful cheque or a LOT of Maccas
  • New technology emerges to manage the plague
  • Model issues a weird apology for posing nude on top of an elephant
  • Dude gets called out for littering and makes it news
  • FBI investigating unidentified object spotted in-flight by commercial airliner
  • Depp's trial delayed until 2022

Anyway, there's fiction to be writ and all the other people gaying up the genres need my drop in the ocean to tip the scales a little more evenly...

Ekka Week

It just has to be the most messed-up week in the Australian Calendar. The Brisbane Ekka is popular, expensive, crowded, and a gigantic rip-off, but we still get public holidays to go whether we want to or not.

Brisbane gets the Wednesday off. Caboolture gets the Monday off. Which means that my little darlings are lounging about in their pajamas today, and Beloved gets to do so on Wednesday.

But I don't get days off.

You still get some lovely, fresh fiction

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Challenge #01488-D027: Unrealised, Unrequited, Unrecognised

“If [he][1] was unable to see that I had feelings for him (at least five, but sometimes as many as seven)…” - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

Lyr watched Ambassador Shayde attempting to flirt with Rael. The impossible force against an oblivious stone. There had been more than one instance of interspecies dating that floundered heavily on the sending a signal stage. And not merely because of cultural difference. Subconscious body-speak could cause the most inconvenient miscommunications.

One species' flirting is another's

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Freakin' Lurgi

The entire family - minus me and the the antisociallite Captain Useless - have been struck low with Lurgi this week.

Which, for me, means interrupted sleep, tired days, lots of coffee caramel mochachinos, and entire swathes of the Blah’s.

More ranting on the Blah’s after the cut.

There is nothing more draining than the Blah’s. Everything is just… blah. Even the thought of it turns you off.

Going out? Blah. Having a decent meal?

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Goodbye, ZLC

Yesterday, my zippy little car (ZLC) reached a crisis point. Something broke inside which would wind up costing a significant portion of a new car.

I love my ZLC. My tiny, bright orange Mitsubishi Colt. I loved how I could just cruise into tight spaces or manouvre like a dream with it.

I’ve had it for ten years. That’s a long time for any piece of technology.

It was the most expensive birthday present I ever had. The

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