Ekka Week

It just has to be the most messed-up week in the Australian Calendar. The Brisbane Ekka is popular, expensive, crowded, and a gigantic rip-off, but we still get public holidays to go whether we want to or not.

Brisbane gets the Wednesday off. Caboolture gets the Monday off. Which means that my little darlings are lounging about in their pajamas today, and Beloved gets to do so on Wednesday.

But I don't get days off.

You still get some lovely, fresh fiction today and Wednesday because I am dedicated to producing my Instants just for you.

And the good news for any $5 Patrons on my Patreon page is that I finally wrote a little bit more of Delilah Morreo and the Peculiar Legacy. You get to see that tomorrow. Huzzah.

Finding the time and energy for fanfiction is THE hardest thing. I don't want to abandon these tasty stories, but my days are just the tiniest bit packed. By the time I have free time, I just want to spend it on faff-about stuff.

Which is bad for my $5 Patrons because I feel like I'm ripping them off.

I'm gonna try harder, but the weekends are definitely for non-writing activities, now.