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Lurgi, Lurgi, go away

I've finished up all my blackberry pills, and I still have ur-lurgi symptoms. But I can breathe through my nose, and my brain seems to be functioning properly, so that's some improvement.

I'll see whether or not the Lurgi comes back. But the meanwhile will be spent with lots of ginger tea.

When I shake off the last of whatever-this-is, I will immediately take myself to the local quack and get my annual flu jabs. I don't want to be taking any kind of chances.

Today, with all good luck, I shall not be gadding about the countryside. The school run will include a stop-off at Aldi's to get some chicken thighs so I can make some wholesome and nutritious chicken soup. Replete with wholesome and nutritious fresh veggies. Or I might go to Coles since they also have the strawberries that make life enjoyable for Miss Chaos.

The tap in the kitchen has been fixed and there is no more flooding across the kitchen floor. Hooray. The new tap is a whiz-bang model with two modes, a flexible hose, and a fifteen year warranty. We also have a fantastic new in-tap filter and the water is lovely.

When we get our aquaponics system going, I am definitely including strawberries in our plot It will cut down on the spending for the spring season, guaranteed. The rest of the year is iffy. We've had strawberries available for way longer than anticipated, this year. I sincerely hope it's that mist-growing technique I've heard about and not rampant chemicals.

On the other hand, we all love strawberries, so it's a small sacrifice I guess.

Coles is looking better and better, because I can also get those no-carb noodles I love the shit out of.

One quick trip is all I feel ready for.

Le Sigh

The best-laid plans of mice, men, and myself are gang aft agley. And my plans are pretty damn agley right now.

Something has gone wrong with my mic or my setup that means that the three hours of gameplay have to be re-recorded because the stupid software didn't bother recording from my stupid mic that I stupid know stupid firkin works.


So I not only have to figure out what the flip has gone wrong with my setup, but I also

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Freakin' Lurgi

The entire family - minus me and the the antisociallite Captain Useless - have been struck low with Lurgi this week.

Which, for me, means interrupted sleep, tired days, lots of coffee caramel mochachinos, and entire swathes of the Blah’s.

More ranting on the Blah’s after the cut.

There is nothing more draining than the Blah’s. Everything is just… blah. Even the thought of it turns you off.

Going out? Blah. Having a decent meal?

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