Le Sigh

The best-laid plans of mice, men, and myself are gang aft agley. And my plans are pretty damn agley right now.

Something has gone wrong with my mic or my setup that means that the three hours of gameplay have to be re-recorded because the stupid software didn't bother recording from my stupid mic that I stupid know stupid firkin works.


So I not only have to figure out what the flip has gone wrong with my setup, but I also have to record my gameplay of a piece of software that has the replay value of roadkill. AGAIN.

I am going to record the fact that this is a second playthrough. It's a good thing I can't remember half of the Mars logic involved in this silly little thing.

I'm trying to get myself back into good habits. Ever since I went down with a cold, I haven't been taking my health supplements. And I haven't been drinking my water. And I haven't been going for my walks. No wonder I've been feeling awful.

This is what I'm talking about when I say I need someone to look after me. Just... someone who's job it is to make sure I look after myself. I'm my own worst enemy and it's some kind of personal dysfunction/malfunction that has me thinking that looking for a pair of pliers or whatever is more important than -say- bathing for the day.

Setting myself reminders doesn't work. The schedule I set for my reminders is not the schedule that ends up happening and the motivation to make myself do the thing is just... not there. I have a bad habit of self-neglect and it is not an easy one to conquer.

And my motivation to do anything goes RIGHT down when I've suffered a failure. Three hours' effort up the damn spout. It's painful.