Freakin' Lurgi

The entire family - minus me and the the antisociallite Captain Useless - have been struck low with Lurgi this week.

Which, for me, means interrupted sleep, tired days, lots of coffee caramel mochachinos, and entire swathes of the Blah’s.

More ranting on the Blah’s after the cut.

There is nothing more draining than the Blah’s. Everything is just… blah. Even the thought of it turns you off.

Going out? Blah. Having a decent meal? Blah. Cooking? Euw, blah. Housework? Blah with a generous side of hellfuckno. Writing? Maybe a few sentences, pulled like teeth from the Kraken of biblical fame, before the endless Blah wraps the mind in a seductive cocoon of Nothing To See Here.


I’ve been gaining weight, mostly from eating snack food and sitting on my arse trying to come up with some more words in ANY of my numerous WIPs because words are my meat and milk, now. And in the back of my mind, I keep thinking, “Okay. What would be a good cover for this thing?”

Sure I’ve had some limited success with InkSpace and making minimalist covers, but I know damn well that can’t last. Sooner or later - probably sooner - I’ll come up with an idea that can’t be expressed in a few vectors and then I am officially, royally, thoroughly screwed.

Especially if I still don’t have any money from my work to -youknow- pay someone to make a better cover than the efforts I’m capable of.

I’m going to be putting Nor Gloom of Night out there next. Just a heads’ up.

And I’ll be posting about it tomorrow. See if anyone’s bookmarked my Smashwords page yet :)

So far, I’ve only made one sale and that one “doesn’t count” because my Best-Beloved bought it. Family sales, and friend sales [especially when you’ve told said friend to buy a copy] don’t count, apparently. It’s all down to the multitudes out there who decide to buy it because it’s good.

And there aren’t that many multitudes.

One sale, and four lookie-loos who only downloaded the preview, so far.

AND I have to find a profile picture and do the ISBN thing :P 


I don’t wanna!