Challenge #01972-E148: Secret Curse

Earworms, those inane or catchy little tunes that play endlessly inside your head. Good defence against telepaths though. -- Anon Guest

If there was a worse curse you could give to a human, Rache couldn't imagine one much worse than telepathy. Sure, people could look past ugly. They could ignore venomously mean and frequently did. They could, eventually, believe that disabled didn't necessarily mean worthless. But telepathy? That was a living hell.

Human minds are chaos. There's conscious thought, subconscious thought, and the idle parts of the brain that just spend all their time free-associating everything with everything else. Some are creative, on top of this, and they are constantly doodling around with whatever idle thought has gained their kitten-like attention at the moment.

Imagine standing in a queue with someone who's writing and rewriting the same porn scene inside their head for twenty minutes. You wouldn't argue with someone who could pick that up. But worse than that, in an entire field of worsts, were the earworms. Humanity made bank off of songs that could never get out of someone's head. And their endless loops were endlessly annoying.

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