Milestones of Assorted Import

Today, I have posted the last of Warp and Weft on AO3 [See the "Fanficcery" entry on the menu]. Possibly the weirdest thing I have written of my own free will.

Today, my story count over on Steemit will hit 1972. My birth year FFS. I've written up to my firkin birth year in daily stories. Of course, I know the real count is this plus eight, but you bet I'm making a big deal of it now.

For a small portion of this year, my story count will be years I've been alive in. And that just firkin blows my fluffy little mind. It's surreal and exciting and terrifying and sooner or later, the story count will be the year I die.


Maybe one story count will be the year my fandom dies. Or the year my stories and my name dissolves into obscurity. Assuming it/they ever rise to recognition in the first place.

Didn't take me long to get maudlin about this shit, did it?

I'm still working on Crime and Punishment but y'all can take a peek at the file where I keep my Plot Kittens and comment on anything you find in there. You can also adopt some [and tag me!] if you want to.

I like sharing and I can't keep up with these litters TBH.

Today also marks the point where I'm five weeks away from finishing Clockwork Souls, a novel in which Magic and Technology are having a fight about which one is actually superior. It's not resolved, actually. But there are steam/clockwork robots powered by stolen souls and if you think about it, it's really dark.

...should I take back what I said about Warp and Weft being the weirdest thing I've written?