Thursday, Back to the Grind

I am only expected to give minimal offerings, today, so the chances are good that I shall complete some significant portions of a tutorial for Stencyl. At last.

I am confident that, once I complete all the tutorials, I should be able to build a passable game to suit my goals.

Discussing this with Beloved, there was some confusion regarding grid sizes. She was referring to the size of the 'patches' within the grid and I was referring to the whole grid.

Two by two in her parlance was the same as four by four in mine. In this case, a grid of sixteen total squares to fill in, subdivided into four 'patches'. Each patch to be filled with four... figures.

Now that we're speaking the same lingo, I know what we're aiming for. First, I work on the two by two tutorial level set up, then I do the trickier and more standard three by three.

We're saving the four by fours for the DLC edition lol.

Chapter Count: Finished chapter 319 this morning and I am still not great at battle narrative. Whoops.

And I still want to play out all of Kosh's lifespan including his lingering influence on the world, so.... gotta find a way to make that narratively interesting.

Offski to the offerings.