Saturday, Parkrun and Torture Shoes

Miss Chaos was my only company today. Because the other lovelies were off to Mt Tambourine for other shenanigans. And because I ran out of money, Miss Chaos was in charge.

Also, because of the bone spurs on my feet, I was a little more in pain than normal.

Now I need the Torture shoes and my feet still firkin hurt.

...I'm going to have to stand on broom handles and roll frozen bottles under my feet every day. Again. Blahaaargh I hate this.

On the plus side, such as it is, I am making some sweeping progress in my WIP.

Chapter Count: Wrote and finished Ch 283.

Time AFG1 improves my output at a phenominal rate. Who. Could. Have. Thought?

Not me for three firkin weeks, that's for sure 9_9

I am THE diddle daddle dummins.

I shall get on with my offerings for today and then prep for the game stream early tomorrow morning.

This time, Miss Chaos and I will be on Beloved's case about getting the app sorted out so we don't need to fuss regarding her parkruns. Whee.

Story and meme coming to you soon.

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