Challenge #03813-J161: Where They Never Look

The Dereggers INSIST on inspecting my ship every single time I state I'm ready to take off. I don't mind. My cargo I get there is always strapped in properly. My living cargo? Well, heh, there's a reason that domicile-sized crate hasn't moved from Cargo Hold B ever since I started making my run. That reminds me, it's my turn to do laundry, gotta run! -- DaniAndShali

"Hello and good morning, Officer Croupki," cheered Trader Xiik, smile wide on their face. "How's the wife and kids?"

"I've had enough of your [UNGULATE EXCREMENT], Zeke," growled the Deregger security officer, doing his utmost to seem menacing. Alas, he had all the intimidating physical build of Santa Claus. "I know damn well you're smuggling something."

"You're welcome to look through all my ship and hold. Everything on the paperwork is there. Shipshape and Bristol fashion, as they say." Xiik's words were true. Everything was declared. It was just that some of it was declared... creatively.

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