Challenge #03814-J162: All Due Caution

To stay in this city, all strong magic users had to wear an amulet that suppressed their magic as far as it could go without being life-threatening to the magic user. Why? To protect the magic user from the unstable energy of this place, which was still healing from a massive series of storms that had only recently, that is within one human lifetime, had been quelled. -- Anon Guest

They said it was the last strike of the Xenophobia Wars that caused the thaumonado centered on Taurfall. It had been raging for centuries since. The area and the blasted lands around it remained a place for people to point to as an example of how not to do war on each other.

Taurfall used to be an enormous city. A place that used to be a wonder of the world. Following the thaumonado, it fell like the magnificent tower that gave it its present name.

It had been a place of wild magic for most of a millennium. Until forty-three years ago.

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