Wild Magic

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Challenge #03971-J319: Toxic Area Disposal Protocol

They slapped Wraithvine hard before hugging him tightly, GLAD that Wraithvine hadn't gotten hurt.

"You IDIOT! I told you not to do that!"

"It was just a little cantrip"

"There's a reason none in this party are using any magic in this area!"

"I will remember that." -- Anon Guest

All things considered, they were all lucky that such a simple spell hadn't obliterated a city-sized area. They were also kind of lucky that the Eternal Wizard of myth and legend didn't decide to retaliate.

"This is a wild magic area! Weaponised wild magic, set to make any spell detonate against us. All of us!"

Wraithvine picked hirself up and, still feeling hir face, said, "I wasn't thinking. I only thought to light my pipe for a... relaxation aid." Which was code for pipeweed in general and dandelions in particular.

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Challenge #03814-J162: All Due Caution

To stay in this city, all strong magic users had to wear an amulet that suppressed their magic as far as it could go without being life-threatening to the magic user. Why? To protect the magic user from the unstable energy of this place, which was still healing from a massive series of storms that had only recently, that is within one human lifetime, had been quelled. -- Anon Guest

They said it was the last strike of the Xenophobia Wars that

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Challenge #03683-J030: The Best Time to Mend

"I can't... keep up, even with... magic."

"Worry not, I help."

The giant grabbed Wraithvine, his young mage apprentice, Gikka, and the cat, put them on their shoulders, and kept running. Time was running out, that bad storm was getting closer, and safety was a distance yet. -- Anon Guest

Cikaros ran hell for leather, feet making craters in the otherwise blasted landscape. Normally, she would have to step carefully to avoid villages, hamlets, and isolated cottages, but nobody came to the

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