Sunday, Tale Foundry and stream plns

Tale Foundry is doing its thing. I just finished making a lot of maps, and cussing about DungeonDraft crashing like a bitch.

Lots of Frustrate, this morning.

Beloved is coming home sometime today, so if I am streaming when she does, I may be understandably distracted.

I also have a loud as FUCK keyboard that is going to be a lot of tikkatakka noise on my stream. Sorry to the ASMR enthusiasts who may tune in.

Be prepared.

Chapter Count: About to commence putting words into chapter 284. It's going to be a quadrilogy.

I probably won't write more of it today. Today is a day for naps, cuddles, or a combination of the twain.

...after the story of course.

I need to make sure of the prompt and, if possible, launch into plotting my entry for next week.

It's a thing I like to do.

Story soon. Interruptions depending.