Challenge #03815-J163: Alike in Villainy

One side was demons, the other, humans. What was the difference, other than looks? Nothing at all. Both sides knew it, but it took a blind child to slap sense into both, and get them to work together. The village is prosperous now that they work as equals. -- Anon Guest

They say, "Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth." Obviously whoever 'they' are, they have never known children. They only spout the truth when it's socially inconvenient. A more apt phrase would be Kids will murder you every time[1].

In the case of the last conflict between Humans and Hellkin, it was a little bit of both.

The city where it occurred no longer exists, abandoned to the wrath of time. It was once split in twain, with Humans on one side of the river, and the devilborn exiled to the other. Humanity had since thrown off its Elven yoke, with the help of the Hellkin they created, and instantly turned on their former weapons-slash-allies.

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