Monday, Nebulous PLNs

Charlie 3 is having his official birthday bash today and people are not allowed to complain about how their kids are starving during the multi-billion-dollar events that are sure to be going on.

But that's apparently okay because of the one-sixteenth of British economy derived from tourists and tabloids devoted to the royals 9_9

[MeMum's a loyalist and I will for sure hear this argument today. People are STARVING so an elderly man can wear a fancy hat with diamonds on that the OG country wants back. But never mind that! Monarch's Foreshore and tourist dollars...]

If I was that fucking rich, I'd calculate what my taxes should have been and use that dosh to create public firkin works.

::steps off soapbox:: Ahem.

I'll be doing a pseuducku bird today, and if I'm feeling it, summarising a chapter.

Of course there will be a half hour AFG to write the epic.

BUT... my Beloved spent another night away and will be returning to my arms today. All going well, of course. I'm prepared for the dreaded reality to fuck things up for me.

I can hope not, but hope doesn't change reality.

I'll feel better after some haptic feedback. BUT it's currently not available, so I get on with fiction.

The meme may be delayed because I cannot access the Fediverse.