Thursday, Endorphin Chase

Had a wonderful date night with Beloved, had some revealing discussions about where I am on the queer spectrum.

The word is "DemiRo" short for Demisexual with a focus on Romance.

The rest of it is between my partners and I.

...yeah that's not a typo. Beloved and I have formed a Queer Platonic Partnership[QPP] with a third party. Everything else is none of your business. I shall refer to partnership stuff with QPP and generic family stuff that could also include the QPP as "fam".

I know MeMum has gone off about financial stuff and doing Wills about it all... We will unfuck that when it starts looking messy and not a jot before.

For now, I continue on with the offerings, try to make more WIP, and probably end up screwing around with games for personal enjoyment.

Chapter Count: working on getting past 4/5ths of Chapter 279. Hoping to actually get on with finishing it and maybe starting Chapter 280.

I'm going to get right on with all of that.