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Challenge #03060-H137: And Then, Death, You Will Die

[death is no longer a threat. the man took the scythe.

the silly fool is now the master of death.

he has adopted a great power, but also a great curse. what a silly man.]( -- Anon Guest

[AN: The linked video is more or less described in the prompt, but it's way more silly in person]

My name is Death... now. It was something else, once, but that changed. They say you can beat Death at one challenge, and that is indeed true. What they don't say is what else you can win, besides one more day. I do not remember very much of my mortal life, nor how long ago it was that I won. I remember... I was arrogant. Proud of my strength.

I challenged Death to a wrestling match. I was strong, and I knew it. Yet Death is the strongest force in the universe. It is unstoppable. Even the universe will die... in time. What I didn't know is... it is possible to win the title of Death. I was a fool. I have learned that, now.

I wrestled the scythe away from the old Death. I did not question why Death did not struggle too much. I did not ask why Death refused to chase me down. By the time I realised what I had done... it was too late. I had taken the Instrument of Death... and it had taken me. I had become Death, the end of all things. It was at that moment that I knew what an enormous mistake I had made.

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