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Challenge #03154-H245: Champions at Silly Buggers

A: With the things being the way it is now, all I can do is try to determine what might be going on though naked-eye observations and my imagination

B: In short, you're taking a best guess?

A: "best guess"?! My dear friend, please! That is a woefully inadequate representation of what goes on. a fairer description would be "observation and inference drawing on a wealth of professional experience, including analogous previous cases."

B: Okay, so an educated guess.

A: precisely -- Anon Guest

Observation and inference can let people down. Take the early telescopic observations of both Mars and Venus.

The eye at the telescope saw their own optic veins, inferred canals, and deduced that there was intelligent life on mars. Later probes were unable to find so much as a microbe. Venus was another one. Telescopes and cameras could only see a blurred and cloudy atmosphere. Logic dictated that it was a lush and moist Eden from all the cloud cover. What else was lush and moist? The early Terran saurian eras. Therefore, though observation, logic, and inference, Venus was populated by dinosaurs.

Both of these were one hundred percent WRONG. So too was the series of observations and logical conclusions derived by Jeffries as ze was laid up after the accident.

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