Challenge #03374-I086: I Want That, But Not All of That

Research Group checking vaccine effects on the Elderly, find one that "Reverses the Effects of Ageing". It was Sponsored by a "Minimum cost" Charity. Once a year and you look and mostly feel 25. Enter "Not in my Body group" some in their 50's. -- Anon Guest

United Pharmacorp had purchased a number of Extended Care Facilities. Old folks' homes, asylums, group homes, even a few juvenile prisons. Under new management, very little changed. Except... the residents were all encouraged to join "medicine programs."

Human experimentation on those judged less worthy than the young, able, and mentally capable. Capitalism at its finest.

This went largely under the radar for most. Until the testing cycle for a vaccine against Herpes Simplex. They tested it on those who had it, they tested it on those who never got it. They tested it on those who never would get it. They monitored all of them, including the control group.

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