Monday, LONGEST Monday

I got home a little after my bedtime from my adventures to wish Capt S. a very happy birthday. So I have less rest than what passes for normal.

BUT... no worries. Miss Chaos has optometrist today so no school to fret about. Huzzah. All I have to worry about is phoning in the absence call once school is open. Yay.

After the stream, the phoning, and the Tale Foundry reading sesh, I can spend the rest of the day asleep.

Looking forward to that TBH.

The Murder Hobos reached Neverwinter and encountered the Greed of the Big City. Alas, the player questing to get to Neverwinter was AFK so I had to come up with DELAYS on the fly.


Things are set up, and the masked Tiefling has had a face reveal. Couldn't be avoided.

It's going to be fun seeing his reaction when it happens.