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Thursday, Simple Exasperation

Beloved has complications with her digestion that has to do with her vagus nerve and diabetes, which may or may not be related to the troubles caused by one of her ex-meds.

A blockage in the stomach can cause spoilage which, in turn, causes diarrhea. Though the stuff I read about it was focused entirely on constipation.

I'm not sure, it wasn't explained to me properly.

Part of the cure involves a liquid diet "for a while" and Beloved has picked up a bunch of soups and beverages. She's off the fizzy drinks because that complicates everything.

I am secretly going to be looking for a gizmo.

A dedicated soup machine.

I shall start locally before I try to get it online. There should be somewhere that has something of the ilk. I have a couple of places in mind, a few long shots, and yes I know this is more running around on my plate but... Thursday. I have the time.

I may not have the money, but I can at least price the bloody things.

"But Nutter," I hear you say, "what if Beloved reads your blog?"

Joke's on the both of us. Nobody reads my blog.

Challenge #03358-I070: Figmentary Negotiations

A: I can’t tell if you’re lying to me or you’re that dumb

B: Excuse you? The story is moving but none of the love interest are, you know falling in love?

A: Riddle me this, whose body are you inhabiting?

B: Emily Von Zeiks.

A: And what is her role in the story?

B: The antagonist?

A: Good, now what have you been doing this entire time?

B: I’ve… oh no -- Anon Guest

There is a

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