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Challenge #03385-I097: A Momentous Occasion

The weather is cold, freezing rain creates ice as it falls, an aged scholar and their young apprentice invite in the traveling Wraithvine, Amatu, Vee, Pondermoore and Rawr to come into their abode for the night. They offer hospitality, warm beds, food, and the scholar's large library to read through while waiting out the ice storm. -- Anon Guest

The library of Vaseen had seen better days. Wraithvine remembered it as an immense fortress of knowledge, the larger part of it was hand-carved out of rock salt. Elves of an eon past had shaped granite to form an impressive facade and entry. But even the things Elves make do not last forever.

Amatu had his impressive wingspan over Vee, Rawr, and the freshly-minted Periwinkle as well as Wraithvine. Pondermoore, too large for the shelter of Amatu's wings, suffered the sleet without complaint.

They did complain about the state of the library of Vaseen. "There's no roof," said Pondermoore. "You said it was shelter for scholars from all over."

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Challenge #03384-I096: Evening the Scores

They have been "brat" their entire life. Or, when called to with less harsh tones, "brainless". They were intelligent, they tried to be kind, but always the same cruel words. As they wandered the world they met a band a travelers who helped them find a new name, and took the traveler into their arms, helping heal a broken spirit. -- Fighting Fit

There are houses with too many children. Spaces too small for the people occupying them. Nevertheless, those spaces can

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Challenge #03366-I078: The Strawmen Are Fighting

“All women are QUEENS.”

“If she breathes she’s a THOT!” -- Anon Guest

Someone in the next booth turned about to face the arguing bros. "Thot? That's the type of woman who uses attractiveness to earn an income, right?"

"You can say ho' it's okay. We know all the words." They were relatively young men. Barely out of high school. The type of greasy pseudo-adulthood in which they knew they knew everything. Pitiful in their way.

"In a world where women

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