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Challenge #04020-K002: Just Use a Whetstone

It's before humans met their first aliens officially, the ship had engine problems and was forced to land, fortunately safely. Doubly fortunate, not only were the humans very friendly, but very handy and took directions well, especially the kids. Repairs might take a bit, but at least it was a cozy experience! -- Anon Guest

[AN: This would have to happen on one of the Deep-Time colonies]

Good news, their attempts to invite alien life to their new world had worked. Sort of. Bad news, the invitee had crashed in a remote location, relatively middle-of-nowhere on a colony world where even the natives were struggling to establish what they needed.

As one might expect, everyone was roughing it.

The language barrier was enormous, but pantomime could do many great things. The people of Planet Contact learned GalStand Simple over the passage of months. Months in which many mistakes made things more than a little rough.

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Challenge #03417-I129: Making it Look Easy

I love my job, I mean I REALLY love my job! I get up every day excited to go to work! What do I do? I run a multi-species salon and spa aboard a space station. Did I mention I really, REALLY, love my job? -- A New Guy

Livesuits don't tell the entire story, did you know that? Most species evolve in single gravity[1] environments and that means a mostly anthropoid body form. Some of them turn up in rented

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Challenge #03272-H363: Friendly Locals, Nice Scenery...

You know, I really hate people. They’re selfish, Ignorant, loud-obnoxious pricks, with basically no redeeming quality what so ever. I mean really look at all they achieved, genocide, global warming, reality tv. It’s just a never ending parade of failures and f#%* ups. They are without question, a complete write off a species, & HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME CARE ABOUT THEM -- Anon Guest

An alien was living in Lower Widdlington. All the conspiracists, true believers, and people constantly

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Challenge #03071-H148: Elves and Aliens

As a species we had hoped that we weren’t the only ones in the universe. After the invasion had wiped out 75 % of the population of earth, we begun to wish that we were. But then strange happenings were being reported. The stories of magic, myths, and monsters we would tell around campfires weren’t just stories to tell in the dark. -- LatinoThor45

There was a time when we were excited that the visitors came. They came with promises. They

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Challenge #02806-G249: Not as We Know it

Could intelligent life arise around deepsea hydrothermal vents? -- Anon Guest

Intelligent life is very egocentric when theorising about other intelligent life. They imagine distant worlds like their own, with lifeforms possessing body patterns like their own. They don't often look much further than their own evolutionary path to pat themselves on the back and say, Yes. Aliens will be a lot like us.

The scientists of Earth frequently ignore the intelligent life already present around them. Cetaceans and octopi are examples

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