Challenge #03417-I129: Making it Look Easy

I love my job, I mean I REALLY love my job! I get up every day excited to go to work! What do I do? I run a multi-species salon and spa aboard a space station. Did I mention I really, REALLY, love my job? -- A New Guy

Livesuits don't tell the entire story, did you know that? Most species evolve in single gravity[1] environments and that means a mostly anthropoid body form. Some of them turn up in rented livesuits and those never accomodate enough for the tailed species.

After a long trip, the story is unanimously the same. They slap their species specifications on the counter with their Time[2] and rather desperately announce something akin to, "I need a bath!"

Planetary peoples always get homesick for immersive comforts. My response is the same. As I peruse their needs, I recite. "Certainly. Aqueous, alcoholic, dust, sand, petrochemical, or atmospheric?" They always boggle at that.

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