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Challenge #03417-I129: Making it Look Easy

I love my job, I mean I REALLY love my job! I get up every day excited to go to work! What do I do? I run a multi-species salon and spa aboard a space station. Did I mention I really, REALLY, love my job? -- A New Guy

Livesuits don't tell the entire story, did you know that? Most species evolve in single gravity[1] environments and that means a mostly anthropoid body form. Some of them turn up in rented livesuits and those never accomodate enough for the tailed species.

After a long trip, the story is unanimously the same. They slap their species specifications on the counter with their Time[2] and rather desperately announce something akin to, "I need a bath!"

Planetary peoples always get homesick for immersive comforts. My response is the same. As I peruse their needs, I recite. "Certainly. Aqueous, alcoholic, dust, sand, petrochemical, or atmospheric?" They always boggle at that.

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Challenge #03372-I084: Taking Out the Garbage

We have something that makes the day brighten up a bit. It's often some small thing that makes you smile. -- Nonny the Mouse

Even naturally miserable people smile. It's a wonderment when it happens, and many people taunt them about it. Therefore making the smiles even rarer. Kosh had made note of this and chose to defeat it by wearing his smile all the time. An expression all the more intimidating for the fact that all of his teeth were pointed.

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Challenge #02094-E270: One of THOSE Customers

"I have one nerve left, and you're dancing on it with ice-skates on!" -- Anon Guest

It was supposed to be a five minute job. A simple reconfigure for someone new to this particular level of technology. It sounded simple on the request ticket. The first warning sign was his own pondering as to why such a nice old lady would have so many warning markers on her name and address.

Surely, it couldn't be that much trouble to reconfigure one app.

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