Challenge #02806-G249: Not as We Know it

Could intelligent life arise around deepsea hydrothermal vents? -- Anon Guest

Intelligent life is very egocentric when theorising about other intelligent life. They imagine distant worlds like their own, with lifeforms possessing body patterns like their own. They don't often look much further than their own evolutionary path to pat themselves on the back and say, Yes. Aliens will be a lot like us.

The scientists of Earth frequently ignore the intelligent life already present around them. Cetaceans and octopi are examples of deep sea life already present. Especially the octopi.

Cephalopods in aquariums and laboratories have wants, the ability to plan, and the skills to fulfil those plans. People only hear about the fun bits, like a cephalopod learning the routines of the night staff so it could sneak out of its tank and steal treats. Nobody ever considers that they should really work on a means of communication since the planning is more than enough evidence of cognition.

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