Wednesday - Day Zero

Yesterday's case happens to be from overseas and already contained, so there's more hope for days free of idiocy from the infected.

Idiocy from everywhere else...

The Muppet's way of handling Climate change is the same as his way of handling the plague. Swear that it's going to go away and then singsong "I'm not listening, nerny nerny ner ner."


They're talking about opening up the borders again and it is honestly too soon. NSW and Victoria are still rife with the plague. This could only end badly.

Thanks to the family, I am making bread today. Thanks to insomnia, I have a head-start on that. Two more dough botherings and the lot of it can rest whilst I faff about with the rest of my nonsense.

I got the Patreon stuff and my Wordpress nonsense over with in the wee small hours. All I have left is the novel words and Instant Story and then I can go enjoy myself. Yay.