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Challenge #04020-K002: Just Use a Whetstone

It's before humans met their first aliens officially, the ship had engine problems and was forced to land, fortunately safely. Doubly fortunate, not only were the humans very friendly, but very handy and took directions well, especially the kids. Repairs might take a bit, but at least it was a cozy experience! -- Anon Guest

[AN: This would have to happen on one of the Deep-Time colonies]

Good news, their attempts to invite alien life to their new world had worked. Sort of. Bad news, the invitee had crashed in a remote location, relatively middle-of-nowhere on a colony world where even the natives were struggling to establish what they needed.

As one might expect, everyone was roughing it.

The language barrier was enormous, but pantomime could do many great things. The people of Planet Contact learned GalStand Simple over the passage of months. Months in which many mistakes made things more than a little rough.

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Challenge #03244-H335: A Cure For Ignorance

An individual who wore a livesuit rather than contract immunoflu flies to a planet suffering from a global plague, evading the quarantine, to try to "prove the plague is a hoax" and that "introducing immunoflu here is what will kill everyone". Needless to say, the moment they removed the suit and got infected with the plague infecting the planet, they learned they would be spending a lot of time in the ICU. -- Lessons

Ignorance is one hell of a drug. Willful

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Challenge #03177-H268: Attempting to Tip the Scales

Some of the highly militant vegans finds the Plant Life Colony Bubble and the few humans, also vegans, living in the food factory part of what's left of the colony. They insist that this can be fixed despite what the humans in the food factory try to explain, and learn the hard way WHY it can never be the way the humans had wished it to become. -- Anon Guest

Determination is ordinarily an admirable trait.

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Challenge #02888-G331: Unconscionable Prevention

Imagine a world where people are required to get vaccinated, required to wear masks and take precautions if there's an outbreak, and are given universal healthcare and a basic universal income. Now imagine that these rules are enforced by law. If people refuse, they are required to be placed in quarantine areas away from the general population due to the risk they pose to the population. Now imagine "pure lifers" coming in. Knowing full well the polity they were trying to move

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Challenge #02489-F299: When the Eternal Fall

A small obscure hamlet, in which lay a small obscure place of worship. No grand temple, no eldritch altar, just a house-shaped spot to contemplate, to speak to the divine, and hope maybe some part of its multifaceted majesty heard. But here we see it as empty, looking as if no mortal foot had trod here in quite a while, or perhaps as if one had yet to do so.

A god came to the chapel one day long ago, or perhaps

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Challenge #02376-F186: So Walks a Spider

Imagine if the Old Pagan gods still walked among us. But the stories from their point of view were slightly different.. and they were only made into gods because of storytellers...


Odin: "I started my existence as an ordinary man, and lived a fairly uneventful first life. Then my wife passed and I became lonely so I started to look after all the local lost and orphaned children. The bards started to sing of my generosity far and wide until

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Challenge #01864-E040: Wake Up Sheeple!

The amount of energy needed to refute bulls* is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

—Alberto Brandolini -- TheDragonsFlame

Here's what nobody gets about insane conspiracy theories. There is little to no energy involved in thinking them up. One person's facetious, trolling comment is another's statement of fact. One person's screwy memory is another's proof that it's all been covered up. See, the Mandela Effect, or the Berenstein Parallel Universe Theory.

We shall not mention those nefarious souls who

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Challenge #01717-D256: Show of Faith

"Shhhhh." [Name] put a finger to both of their lips. "Let's just enjoy this. Things are going to be awful in a few hours, but right now I've tricked myself into thinking we can handle this. Let me bask in it." -- RecklessPrudence

The human had a mantra for everything that was going wrong. Human Steve was multitasking. Gathering and patching and applying gum and ductape as fast as their two hands could manage. The mantra was four words, "I can handle

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It's OK to trust in God...

You know damn well there’s a huge, neon rainbow “but” attached to that title.

It’s okay to trust in God (or the Higher Power of your choice)


Trust, also, that God gave you brains to think with, ears to listen with, and eyes to see.

Any Higher Power worth the time/energy/effort of worship would know that a bunch of rules written down thousands of years ago may not hold as technology improves,

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When we can look at another and not see their skin
Or their gender
Or their tattoos
Or their piercings
Or their hairstyle
Or their personal preferences
Or their politics
Or their social status

When we can talk to another and not argue
But accept
That everyone has a point of view

When we can see a task that needs to be done
And roll up our sleeves
And pitch in
Regardless of our own status
And get something done

When we

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