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Challenge #03177-H268: Attempting to Tip the Scales

Some of the highly militant vegans finds the Plant Life Colony Bubble and the few humans, also vegans, living in the food factory part of what's left of the colony. They insist that this can be fixed despite what the humans in the food factory try to explain, and learn the hard way WHY it can never be the way the humans had wished it to become.

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Determination is ordinarily an admirable trait. Determination turns Vorax away from their raids. It drags injured friends across kilometers of wilderness just to reach a point where they can set off a rescue beacon. Determination cleans out hoarder warrens and restores a lost habitat to live-able condition.

Determination also sent aggressive Vegans back into the Plant Life Colony Bubble to fix the mistakes of the previous generation. They knew what they had done wrong this time.

So they thought.

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I've done all the dumb things...

Well. Technically, I've only done some of the grand total of silly mistakes and bad choices that Humanity is capable of. I'm not completing the set because I refuse to treat people like things and I won't endorse violence against minorities. Hell, I won't even try to defend it. Those peeps are bad. End of.


Dumb things I have done:

  • Ordered flour to my Auspost Locker, not knowing whether or not their delivery company delivered there [spoilers: they don't]
  • Gave myself
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