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When we can look at another and not see their skin
Or their gender
Or their tattoos
Or their piercings
Or their hairstyle
Or their personal preferences
Or their politics
Or their social status

When we can talk to another and not argue
But accept
That everyone has a point of view

When we can see a task that needs to be done
And roll up our sleeves
And pitch in
Regardless of our own status
And get something done

When we can understand the needs of another
And offer what help we can

When we can stand up for what is right
Regardless of how much
It is going to cost
Or how hard
It is to do
Or how long
It will take to accomplish

When we can stand united against a great wrong
And defeat it
Just by being its opposite

When we live by what we say
Because it is right
And the right thing
To be done

On that day
We will have peace.

–Catherine Allan [Me]