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Challenge #03324-I036: For the Love of Dance

Re: [Can you please]

I would like you to write a story about a ballerina that begins ballet and finds their one true love. -- Tupper

There's a time of life where every small girl wants to wear a tutu professionally. To be entirely fair, tutus are fun and ballet looks so beautiful, and along with being a princess, ballerina is high up there on early girlhood aspirations.

It's the ones who are dedicated who learn about breaking in Pointe shoes, blood in the slippers, and atrociously ugly feet hidden by stockings and bindings[1].

Talent always comes with sacrifices, and the blood spilled on the altars of grace and poise goes back for centuries. Claire was one of the few who knew this. The rest of her classmates had the fairytale dream of being beautiful and loved on a stage, of being pretty and lovely without effort. They would learn.

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Challenge #02838-G281: Balance, Skill, and Broken Bones

A group of deathworlder raiders makes the terrible, horrible, no good mistake of attacking a ballet dance troupe. -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you ever want a solid education on how metal Ballet is as an art, then read up on how the dancers break in their en pointe shoes and what it does to their feet. Ouch]

Half of the Humans on board this vessel were tiny. Child-sized, yet also adult. The other half were weirdly muscular. All of them were

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