Challenge #04156-K138: Scarab, Elevated

You claim that I have everything and you have nothing. No, my friend, that is far from the truth.

You have close friends, you have loved ones you can truly trust, you have people who you know for a fact would be there for you no matter what.

All I have is money, and people constantly seeking it. My dearest dream is to just have one true friend who wants to be at my side as yours are. You can take all the money you want, I don't mind. But I've learned, it does not buy true happiness. -- Anon Guest

It's like a fairytale. A story they tell to give hope to the hopeless, and a warmed heart-like area to the people who made them hopeless in the first place. The benevolent rich person changes a poor person's life in one way or another and they live happily ever after.

Often, the rich person learns to appreciate the social simplicity of the poor and gives up their rich person ways to enjoy a simpler life. This has never happened before.

I still don't believe it's happened now.

My name is Mung, and I work with dung. Well. I used to.

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