Friday, Fuckups and Folderol

We accidentally broke Miss Chaos' computer. A simple birthday gift of extra storage space resulted in the thing catching fire.

We think it's only the Power Supply Unit, but Beloved it taking it away to be certain that it's all in perfect working order before it's back on Chaos' desk.

The rest of her gifts - a game from her brother and some Steam Gift Cards from the fam - are currently moot. Fingers crossed, it is just the Power Supply Unit, and not the whole thing that needs a refurb.

So as a result of that, I'm ferrying Beloved and the PC over to Adorable's this morning! Yay! And going shopping for a few vital things on the way home. Yay?

I'll offer Chaos a treato for me to look for as a kind of compensation. But that will be happening sometime after I get moving this morning. I'm still in the midst of stretchies.

In the meantime, Chaos has license to use Beloved's PC for all her entertainment needs. She's wary of doing that, now, but we shall see how well she fares as time drags on.

I'm weary, so I shall try a nap to see if that helps with things.

Further news as events warrant.