Fucked Up

A 3-post collection

Monday, Day 0, I Fucked Up

Plague news: No new plague news today.

Vax news: No new vax news today.

Given this, it's easy to think the government has entirely given up on keeping people safe from the plague. I'm assuming Day Zero. It's safer.

I forgot to set my alarm for D&D and Beloved forgot to be sure I made it there. My players have forgiven me and they were resourceful enough to do some non-canonical battle practice during the lost time.

Next week. Next week will be game for sure. Meanwhile, one player has been inspired to make a battle arena for assorted nonsense. They look like fun.

Today, I shall be building another chamber for D&D, working out more of WorldAnvil - in this case, making a calendar for my world. Yay.

In the news:

  • Fears that Russia will be conquering more territory
  • More Plague Parties are happening
  • Five missing teens found in sex offender bust
  • Australia now recognises the threat of zoonotic disease transfer
  • Families volunteered to spend their Christmas rescuing elk from a frozen river

I have two stories to share, some dungeon to build, and maybe a lappy to unbork.

Dumb Little Mistakes

Of all the bad things that could happen to a technophilic writer, the worst has to be a hand injury.

Especially one as daft as this one.

In the process of scooping up carrot stubs, I ran the side of my index finger along the edge of a knife that was just sitting there. It didn't hurt, so I didn't think I had hurt myself, and it wasn't bleeding even after I'd chucked the carrot stubs.

Squeeze finger just to check. Yup.

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Social stuff

There's a ceremony thing for Chaos' school closing whatsit, and that means that today's story might be delayed until the afternoon. Connecting to steemit is not an easy process and I prefer to do my Instants at home for just that reason.

Like... I can connect and do the thing in a mobile situation? But I'd rather not.

Apologies for that in advance. I probably won't even be able to work on my novel during the events. And worse - I have

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