Social stuff

There's a ceremony thing for Chaos' school closing whatsit, and that means that today's story might be delayed until the afternoon. Connecting to steemit is not an easy process and I prefer to do my Instants at home for just that reason.

Like... I can connect and do the thing in a mobile situation? But I'd rather not.

Apologies for that in advance. I probably won't even be able to work on my novel during the events. And worse - I have to be social.


The good news is that I will try to get as much done as I can before everything goes hades-wards in the proverbial handbasket. And I have a quasi-amusing anecdote to tell.

I was sold Green Lamb, yesterday.

You may have heard of Green Eggs and Ham, but I can tell you with all honesty that you do NOT want to try Green Lamb. That's advanced decomp territory, my friends.

So. From the beginning.

I had to dash out for some moolah for the week, and in the process, I figured it was time that I organised dinner. So I popped over to Dickson's Road Market for some cheap meat and matching veggies. Meat first, then veg to compliment.

I picked up a nice leg of lamb and went home with some other nice things. Of course I popped that thing straight into the fridge. No barbarian, I. Fast forward to about midday and my Instant is fighting me for every word. I took a break to get the roast on.

The instant I pierced the vacuum packaging, I knew something was wrong. It smelled rotten. And when I got it off... That lamb was GREEN. Like, seriously decomposing green. Once you see that shade of off meat green, you never forget it.

So. I was understandably pissed off at this point. I was ready to rain hellfire down on Dickson's for selling crook meat. And the rain was pouring down like unto what it did for Noah's Arc. Once I made it up there, I decided to politely enquire. Green meat and receipt in hand.

And everyone was very chill about it all. I got a replacement haunch in fine fettle - nice and red - and I got it home without drowning.

Lamb is best with rosemary. Everyone knows this. And this time, I added some sliced leek, and a scored garlic clove to the joint. Slow-roasted at 150 degrees celsius for six hours... lovely stuff. Tender and juicy and so delicious.

And there's a surprising amount of haunch left for Chaos' lunch box. Huzzah. Though, judging by the way she's tearing through it, there might not be enough for tomorrow.