Challenge #01795-D334: From the Wikipedia Galactica

Humans have been in space for awhile. No-one’s keeping track of the “breeding program” but a new problem has been discovered: human offspring mid-way to maturity. The most dangerous humans of them all. -- Anon Guest

It seemed impossible. There was a stage in human development when the entire species had the maximum amount of physical condition and the minimum amount of foresight and discrimination. And worse, they were often thrust into adult classification whilst also at that stage.

Many species had assumed that Humans might live forever, based on the maturation rates of their young, were it not for their inherent gung-ho attitude to existence. Humans took twenty years to attain physical maturity and a further five to reach full mental capacity. In as much as that phrase. Even when it was explained that it was twenty Terran years, it all seemed impossible. Especially when some Humans were considered adults at sixteen.

That was the most confusing part. Depending on the colony they came from, adulthood could vary from anywhere between twelve and twenty-one. Though most agreed that the colonies with the younger age were the hinkiest.

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