Thursday, All New Fuckups

I had PLN'd to get Mayhem to the train station by nine so he could catch the train that would let him get to job training in good time.

Pity for me that waking up to arrive mere minutes to the train's arrival is counterproductive to the thought processes of Mayhem. So he missed the train and I had to drive him down. Again.

We have a PLN in place to not mess up that badly again, tomorrow. Yay, I guess.

As for my bread... the second loaf turned out doughy. I'm going to have to put one loaf in the fridge while the other one cooks so I have the time to re-warm the dutch oven. Stagger the proofs.

I'll also try leaving the dough in the bread mold for the last rise. See how that goes. I want a prettier loaf and this might get one.

I'll get more fic tags checked, and if I have time, check a record. That'll get me a bonus point.

I need to make a start on the last map for Candy Heist. That might happen tomorrow.

Time, as always, will tell.