Challenge #04173-K155: What the Boss Makes

You do not want to go there!

"Why not?"

For every day you earn working, they only allow you to keep a few seconds of it, their taxes will take EVERYTHING from you. You make clothing, and you will have it ripped from your hands and you will only be allowed to keep a few threads. They say it's for your own good, but the truth is, if you make a dollar, you will only keep a dime, and THAT is only if they even allow you to make anything at all. They WANT people poor, just so they can gloat. -- Anon Guest

The first planetary system known as Greater Deregulation was never called Greater Deregulation. They were named later, after their general philosophy. Once the rest of the Alliance caught on, they all gained the common nickname.

The first was called the Shining Fiscal Empire of Libertarian Freedom and Light. Quite a lot more of a mouthful than Greater Deregulation Upper West.

They were a Terran colony, so they were welcomed into the United Fellowship of Terran Planets. It was the following weeks that the trouble began. Or rather, the implacable demands. The howling about their inalienable rights, which they all knew. Well, which all the leaders claimed they knew.

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