Thursday, Catching Up

Good news! We found a complete copy of Adapting to throw at publishers, and I have pasted the last words into the master document, as well as saved the spare to my drive. That will do until I find more robust storage methods.

The magic cable was one that interfaced with Beloved's Cricut. So yay. Love of magic devices pays off at long last.

Bad news! I also have to edit the master document to make sure all the breaks for chapters and footnotes are intact. Checking against the copied document for verification.

Good news! Once that's done, I can start flicking my book at people and hoping for the best. I may not be handling it very well in betwixt other stuff.

Also good news: Beloved has her energy back after a minor meds tweak [her doctor may not be upholding the Hippocratic oath...] and is now starting a gradual whirlwinding of the house.

Minor bad news: I now have to watch out for my cups and such again.

Today's PLN includes making more dungeon, possibly with online company so I can do more than one chamber. You know, since meatspace has taken up a lot of my time this week.

Looks like I shall have to spend even MORE money on interwebs nonse because pictures make story more attractive -_- Sigh. I'm going to have to withdraw from my Dreams account again. Blargh.

It's a moral choice that's biting me on the bum. D'ruther pay photographers for their photographs and... money is needed for that.


I just paid for cat food.

I need mor income. I need to publish to get mor income. I need to spend emotional energy to publish.

...but I haven't got a lot of emotional energy...