Challenge #03517-I229: The Legion of the Unwanted

The rulers of a small, but wealthy, kingdom make a decree. Anyone caught abandoning their child in a midden, or deliberately harm their children, no matter what the child looks like, will be imprisoned. Needless to say, sadly, families who bear a Tiefling child are NOT happy, and drop their children off at the palace instead. -- Anon Guest

There was a guard stationed at every palace door. The King and his Princess-consort knew what the kickback from their law would be. In fact, there were guards and staff ready at every government building for this.

The man with the bundle paused, staring the guard in the face. The guard, impassionate, said, "You won't be persecuted for leaving them alive with us. His Majesty wants to prevent deaths, that's all."

The man came as close as he dared, put the bundle carefully down, and ran away. The guard did not sound an alarm, nor draw her weapon. She went, very carefully, and scooped up a babe not worth keeping, according to one. She pulled the wrappings aside. Bright, "fireman" red skin, the beginning nubs of a pair of horns at the temples. A Tiefling child.

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