Wednesday, Wordpress, Date Night

I gave my love a stuffed shark [the one from Ikea] and she laughed. I made my love a sparkly cake that was COVERED in buttercream icing. By request. I also put every shiny sprinkle I could get on the top. I am told that I nailed it more than I failed it so... Win?

I dunno.

What we DO know is that we're never doing buttercream ever again. Ye GODS that stuff is lethal.

In order of majority, here's the basicest buttercream recipe:

  • 4 CUPS of icing/confectioners sugar
  • 230g or 1 cup butter [recipe said unsalted but with this shit, never mind]
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 3 tsp vanilla or other flavouring

If you really want to make it, chunk the butter into small bits and make sure they're soft, mix with the vanilla. Then carefully add the sifted sugar and mix SLOWLY before you add in the milk. Boom. Buttercream.

It moulds easily and keeps its shape, but it's a lethal weapon. Yikes on bikes.

Tonight, we're going somewhere and doing something and I might insist on a little bit of protein with my nonsense because I have had ENOUGH sugar!

Today, I try to catch up with the content I have skipped out on because Meatspace Priorities. And possibly cable hunting so I can retrieve all of Adapting.


Our front door needs fixing, the cat needs dental work, bits of the catio need a solid coat of Killrust, but we also need to disassemble and reassemble the catio to get THAT done, we don't even have time to CLEAN because OTHER nonsense.

Publishing would gain an income, potentially... but so much needs to happen to get published. UGH.

One thousand dollars would solve a lot of our problems. Two thousand dollars might make sure this fix doesn't happen twice. More than that, and we might actually get comfortable. Shocking.

I have MAYBE a hundred and fifty, and everything's expensive. But I can at least write a story or three.