Challenge #03516-I228: Breaking the Chain

A fortress of Elves and Tieflings is dedicated to training anti-slavery soldiers who go out to seek slavers, and free the slaves. They prefer not to kill, but will if they have to. -- Anon Guest

Assumptions can, have, and will kill thousands. Like, for instance, assuming that an Elf is rich and a Tiefling is only safe once in iron chains. Or that the Elf and the Tiefling aren't working together in a sting operation. Sometimes, it is the Elf in iron chains and the Tiefling as the wealthy purchaser. The script is more or less the same.

A chain of slaves, some fresh-captured and also in stocks and hobbles, walks behind horses and carts. The "rich purchaser" has been secretly tracking one of them for a few miles, and arranged to arrive in the opposite direction.

The coterie glitters. The slavers anticipate a very profitable day. How little they know.

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