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Challenge #02885-G328: A Jellyware Issue

99 bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code, you take one down patch it around, 173 bugs in the code -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have lived that nightmare]

Picture if you will, a world divided in two. Strictly regimented by gender roles that only existed in a handful of halcyon days in certain areas of the united states. The people who made it wanted to return to those days of glory before realising that such glory was unsustainable.

Because the only endorsed science was the science everyone could understand at a lies-to-children level, the bigger brains were forced to make the world adhere to the 'glorious' model. Keep in mind that these alleged glory days only had room for one demographic at the top. They keep the 'poindexters' around because they're useful in maintaining a solid grip on the centre.

For some, it is paradise. For others, it is a nightmare. Welcome to Planet Stepford. Please dress according to your assigned gender binary. Also, if that binary ends in the female, you'll also need this extensive manual of expected behaviour. It is, after all, a man's world.

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Challenge #02782-G225: Under Starry Skies

This is a prompt that's actually a mix of 3 stories, the one of the super-soldiers, the one of the dream berries, and the one of the seed collector. Here are the prompts for reference.

The person had collected more seeds than any human ever had before. It was their hobby, it was their obsession, and with it they had saved many lives from

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Challenge #02635-G078: Added Value is Free

The most sought-after beings in the Galactic Alliance are those describes as "creators" Creators of all sorts are in High demand all over. From those that create worlds with only the written word, "private and amateur" educators, that use the video sharing and promoting to spread their knowledge, to the engineers and scientists that look at a problem and imagine new and different solutions to solve them (gravity drive anyone?!?)

With Zillions of Citizens, there is always demand for content, and therefore,

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Challenge #01710-D249: The Independence Initiative

Gadgets sold on Marketing T.V. turn up on Amalgam. -- Anon Guest

Honesty in advertising has changed a great many things. No longer are items sold as the best in the market. Or a fabulous new invention for the lazy. Instead of being marketed to everyone, they are marketed to their target audience first.

The smiling cogniscent on the screen was aesthetically appealing to a majority of Galactic Society. Since her discipline was Entertainment, she wore something sparkly. "Here at the

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Why Iceland isn't in our news much. READ THIS - a country has a REVOLUTION, rewrites its constitution using REGULAR citizens & gets rid of...

Why Iceland isn't in our news much. READ THIS - a country has a REVOLUTION, rewrites its constitution using REGULAR citizens & gets rid of its Central Bank & the whole corrupt Fractional Reserve Banking system AND ITS NOT ON WIN TV, 7, 10, ABC, SBS, NBC, FOX, NOTHING! WHY IS THAT I WONDER!?!?

Everyone needs to see this. Occupy your own freedom.

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