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Challenge #02635-G078: Added Value is Free

The most sought-after beings in the Galactic Alliance are those describes as "creators" Creators of all sorts are in High demand all over. From those that create worlds with only the written word, "private and amateur" educators, that use the video sharing and promoting to spread their knowledge, to the engineers and scientists that look at a problem and imagine new and different solutions to solve them (gravity drive anyone?!?)

With Zillions of Citizens, there is always demand for content, and therefore, creators! -- Adam in Darwin

Communication makes it easier for there to be something for everyone. This is both a blessing and a curse. Once thought has been applied, that much is obvious. The CRC offices have a full time job ensuring that minors and those of Diminished Responsibility status are not exploited.

Therefore, every new ELF[1] species merely expands the offices, if not the regulatory force. Every new colony or planet stretches their resources further. Gaining a seal of approval from the CRC is therefore vital for any content creator out there. Every purveyor of imagination and the fruits thereof has something they can sell. Selling it with the CRC seal of approval is even more profitable.

Imagination makes Time. The ability to take three bullshit ideas and turn them into a congruent whole is treasured. Writers, artists, tinkerers and fabricators of all flavours are an important part of the economy, because there is nothing the citizens of the Alliance love more than watching things become.

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Challenge #01710-D249: The Independence Initiative

Gadgets sold on Marketing T.V. turn up on Amalgam. -- Anon Guest

Honesty in advertising has changed a great many things. No longer are items sold as the best in the market. Or a fabulous new invention for the lazy. Instead of being marketed to everyone, they are marketed to their target audience first.

The smiling cogniscent on the screen was aesthetically appealing to a majority of Galactic Society. Since her discipline was Entertainment, she wore something sparkly. "Here at the

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Why Iceland isn't in our news much. READ THIS - a country has a REVOLUTION, rewrites its constitution using REGULAR citizens & gets rid of...

Why Iceland isn't in our news much. READ THIS - a country has a REVOLUTION, rewrites its constitution using REGULAR citizens & gets rid of its Central Bank & the whole corrupt Fractional Reserve Banking system AND ITS NOT ON WIN TV, 7, 10, ABC, SBS, NBC, FOX, NOTHING! WHY IS THAT I WONDER!?!?

Everyone needs to see this. Occupy your own freedom.

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