Challenge #01710-D249: The Independence Initiative

Gadgets sold on Marketing T.V. turn up on Amalgam. -- Anon Guest

Honesty in advertising has changed a great many things. No longer are items sold as the best in the market. Or a fabulous new invention for the lazy. Instead of being marketed to everyone, they are marketed to their target audience first.

The smiling cogniscent on the screen was aesthetically appealing to a majority of Galactic Society. Since her discipline was Entertainment, she wore something sparkly. "Here at the Assistance Institute, scientists and designers are working around the clock to make your life easier. Assistive technicians and people who need assistance work together to find the best solutions for everyday tasks that would otherwise be out of reach."

The camera panned away from the aesthetically pleasing lizard to show a cogniscent with motor control issues focussing all hir effort on picking up a spork with a looped handle. The tool end had stability control technology, so that it didn't spill so much as one drop of the virulently green test liquid. The cogniscent laughed and turned to the proud techie at hir elbow. "Looks good so far."

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